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He Makes Me Lie Down

June 14, 2016

It Was On My Mind

599236_4708566067235_347259205_nI caught up with a friend in the hospital a few months ago. He’s a successful entrepreneur with a beautiful wife and three lovely children. He was in the hospital because of a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot to the lungs, and had been “four hours from dying” when he checked in to the ER according to his doctor.

Now this is a healthy guy. At 50, he’s trim, the proper weight for his height and an all-round ruggedly handsome fellow who seems at the top of his game. This “wake up call” came at a real turning point in his life, as well – read “worst possible timing”. He was in the middle of shutting down one business and opening a new venture.

While visiting with my friend and his parents in that hospital room I felt a “nudge” to give him a verse from Psalm 23 and…

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