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Naughty pictures

June 8, 2016

I hope by including the the site where is got the photo is adequate credit. When I reblog the photos come with it. I have yet to figure out how to post photos with my own blogs.

Eric's blog


It’s time we had a talk about these type of pictures, now we are all adults so don’t be coy. I’ll go first, I will admit it, I have used those type of pictures, you know the ones I mean. You find pictures for your blog posts on google and post them without checking if they are free to use. Technically it’s a type of stealing. I could claim I was a naïve young blogger, fresh faced and rosy cheeked. However, ignorance of copywrite law is no excuse, after all if someone passed my writing off as theirs I would be upset, well to honest more shocked that anyone would want to.

I have heard stories of bloggers being taken to court for breach of copywrite by using someone else’s pictures. These tend to be ‘I know someone who knows someone type’ of stories so I don’t know if has…

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