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Things to do in the rain

June 1, 2016

Life Unscripted

It was a rainy, soggy holiday weekend and it’s always interesting to see what people will do to pass the time while camping.

There are those who solve the 20160528062743126what-do-to-in-the-rain problem simply by not showing up.  Yup,  we had our share of those this weekend.

There are always the ones who get out a board game, or a deck of cards and spend the time playing games.  We had a few of those!

Then there are others who are content to sit under their extended awning, sip a few glasses of wine and hope that the dogs — who are already all wet — will stay where they are and not come over wanting some loving!  Bernese Mountain Puppy with wet furOne couple with three dogs clearly had adopted that approach and every time we walked past we were greeted by a slightly soggy looking Bernese Mountain Dog.

The folks I feel sorry for…

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    • They are such a sweet couple even though I’ve never met either one of them except on paper. Peter has such a relaxed writing style that I always enjoy everything he writes no matter what it’s about.

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