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Bolo de Rulao – Batica

June 1, 2016

Goan Recipes

This recipe has many names, Bolo ( “Cake” in Portuguese), Bolo de Rulao (Cream of wheat Cake) and Batica. It’s a poor men cake. This cake is more popular in the villages(town) then the city.

bolo-de-rulao-batka-recipe-goan-sweets-coconut-semolina-rava-cream-of-wheatBolo de Rulao – Batica

Bolo de Rulao is made during Christmas along with the popular Doce (Garbanzo Coconut Bars), also as a gift from the bride’s household a day before the wedding to the grooms when her personal belongings, gift and the silent word dowry (shhh….) is sent to her future home and when Mother Mary’s statue visits devotees homes from the local church. It is called as Litany(Ladainha), where the rosary is recited as a community, the Litany is sang in Latin and Konkani and then home-made sweets are shared with some local alcohol and soda’s. Goa has the most number of Churches and Chapels then other states in India…

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