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“Fantastic Pasts” – out today! Buy now before the llamas get to it.

May 31, 2016

Matthew Wright

Fantastic Pasts – Sci-Fi adventures in alternate New Zealand history is out now!

It’s my stupidest book – a wild sci-fi comedy romp through an alternate Kiwi history that never happened. Thrill to the French as they turn New Zealand’s rare Pliestocene fauna into pate!  Laugh as Sir Francis Drake accidentally obeys orders and ends up giving llama to sixteenth century Maori. Watch as Britain joins the Confederates in the US Civil War and New Zealand’s llama-barons cheer.Giggle as a steam enthusiast with a silly name tries to break the land speed record on Ninety Mile Beach. Imagine what might have happened had the US Navy been defeated at Coral Sea and Midway and Japan invaded New Zealand ‘through the back passage’.

Click to buy. Beat the llama.

Click on the cover to pre-order your Kindle edition - release 2 April 2016 Click to buy.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2016

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