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Faith Filled Friday: A Glimpse of Heaven

May 27, 2016

A Glimpse of Heaven
by Connie Terpack

The light in the room dimmed. I looked at the window to see if dark storm clouds had suddenly rolled in blocking the sunlight. A cheery bright light shone through the window.
When I looked back into the room I noticed it was filled with a warm burnished golden glow. Glancing quickly back to the window showed no change in the warm yellow afternoon sun.
My living room felt unusually peaceful. The soft glow was welcoming and I felt safe.
Suddenly a bright vertical beam of light caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head for a better look. Everything around the beam of light faded into darkness.
The brilliant white light was coming through a narrow space that looked simply like a door ajar, open only about four inches. In spite of its brilliance it was easy to look at.
Spellbound, I watched and waited for what would happen next. There was nothing to fear and I remained perfectly calm.
It did seem strange that I felt no fear nor anxiety. I felt surrounded by a sense of holiness. There was no music, angels singing, or a booming voice from God. No one came through the door. Nothing disturbed the beam of light. I was surrounded by such overwhelming love, sheer joy, and profound peace that it left me breathless and in awe.
Instantly, everything was gone and the room returned to normal. It could not have lasted more than ten seconds, but the feelings lingered.
I inhaled deeply, hoping to keep the glorious joy and love with me for a long time. The awesomeness faded slowly as I spent a few minutes praising God and thanking Him for all the beautiful feelings.
My words are pitiful to describe the strength, glory and awe of what I felt. The Bible tells us what heaven physically looks like, but after this, there are no human words to describe the awe and wonder.
Hours later I began to have doubts. Was this a trick of the devil? Had I fallen asleep? Had it all been a dream? Did I have a seizure?
I prayed about it over the next few days. The niggling doubt, which I tried hard to keep away, did not keep me from remembering the strong emotions. That much joy had to come from heaven. I’ve had many joyous occasions over my lifetime, but they were nothing compared to what I felt then.
God must have decided I needed another glimpse. A couple days later everything repeated, but for a much shorter time and with less intensity.
No doubt now. That is how it will feel in heaven! Wow! I knew it was going to be great, but this is beyond anything I anticipated. My words are inadequate to describe it.

The above is going into one of my stories. I keep a folder for ideas like this so that I won’t forget them. It might work well in A Pinch of Sweetness, Slice of Murder. That novel is based loosely on my days working in a nursing home.
Not so strangely, this image helped me cope with Miss Dannie’s passing even though it happened several weeks before her death. I know she’s in heaven having a grand time. There’s no reason to cry or worry that heaven isn’t real.

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