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Somebody is illegally advertising non-existent pirate copies of my books

May 24, 2016

Matthew Wright

I discovered a web page last month alleging that my book Guns and Utu (Penguin 2011) was available for free PDF download from a company named Playster.

See that print copy? That's the only edition of 'Guns and Utu'. The end. See that print copy? Apart from a brief sortie into Nook, that’s the only edition of ‘Guns and Utu’. The end.

According to the page I found, some 2048 copies had reportedly been downloaded in the last month. This was odd: I hold the copyrights and publishing license. Neither Penguin Random House, nor I, have ever licensed it to a free download service.

What’s more, the book was briefly issued by Penguin in DRM-protected Kobo format – now withdrawn – but has otherwise only been available as the original Penguin print edition. There has never been a ‘PDF’ edition, and the book has never been free, anywhere.

The next word is ‘piracy’, although the only way anybody could pirate Guns and Utu as…

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  1. Whoa! Somebody let themselves open for a beauty of a lawsuit and/or jail sentence, eh?

    • Jail time would be better, but try to catch them. Last month someone started a Facebook page with my name. I never saw it, but Facebook sent me a note about it. My husband found out before me because we follow some of the same people and they were talking about it. I let Facebook know it was not me and they removed/blocked the page. I have no idea what happened to the person who did it. Fb didn’t tell me that part. I put a note on my page about it and some of my friends told me they had ‘liked’ that page because they thought it was mine. Everyone let me know they unfriended it.
      I can understand how they could steal money with pretending to sell a popular book, but I see no point in duplicating a Fb page that has roughly 100 followers.

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