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When the conclusion doesn’t follow the premise it’s called – stupidity?

May 23, 2016

I love logic. It can be so malleable at times. For me, the Theory of Evolution is the same way. The theory of Like Begets Like means that humans will have human offspring. I can’t have a giraffe which I’d really like. Yet on the other hand, evolution says that a single cell from the ocean (they don’t say where the ocean or the orb we live on came from) changed into an air-breathing, walking fish, eventually became an ape and finally into a thinking (most of us), emotional human being with a totally different body system than what was found in that single cell. How many times did lightning have to strike to make all those changes? What caused the formation of the animals and plants? A different wattage? When you look at how well balanced everything is, it makes you wonder how evolution managed to get all the changes at the same time. I believe in God and His creation as you may have guessed. Do I have all the answers? No. Do I need all the answers now? No. I’ll wait until I get to heaven to find out. ~ Connie

Matthew Wright

It always intrigues me how humans tend to imagine matters of opinion to be empirically true – as if matters of fact – even when they are not.

Artwork by Plognark Creative Commons license Artwork by Plognark Creative Commons license

It’s a cognitive issue, one that I suspect is linked to the way some people validate themselves. And it leads to a logical disconnect, a favourite of the woo-brigade, who confront readers with what they call ‘the evidence’ for their asserted conclusions, as if what they are describing was a simple if-then approach based on empirically provable fact.

What do I mean? Try this. Here is the ‘evidence’:

  1. The island of Elephantine in the middle of the Nile is so-called because it looks like an elephant from above.
  2. The ancient Egyptians couldn’t fly.

And here is the obvious conclusion that has to be drawn from it:

  1. Ancient alien astronauts from Sirius landed on Earth, bred…

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