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Among the Knights of the Sky at Omaka

May 22, 2016

Matthew Wright

I’ve been posting the last couple of weeks about Sir Peter Jackson’s amazing Knights of the Sky exhibition at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre near Blenheim, New Zealand.

It’s one of the best collections of WW1 aircraft and memorabilia in the world. A status given depth by the fact that it features several life-size dioramas of action from the day, as we’ve seen in previous posts.

Wright_WW1Honour My friend! The HONOUR of meeting a fallen opponent! Mein Gott!

I thought I’d conclude the series with some pictures of the snow-clad diorama. A German aviator has landed his Siemens-Schukert D.IV after shooting down a British pilot whose Nieuport 27 is lodged in a tree. He meets his foe, offering him a cigarette while soldiers poke around the wreckage.

Snow-clad diorama in Sir Peter Jackson's First World War museum. Snow-clad diorama in Sir Peter Jackson’s First World War museum.

This sort of thing did happen on occasion – once, Canadian pilot Billy Bishop…

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