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How to Talk Like a Southerner

May 17, 2016

Living in Georgia for a few years taught me a lot about language. I was born in W. Va. (yes, I’m a Hillbilly) and they have their own language. South Carolinians are a lot like Pittsburgers. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve had to learn a new language! ~ Connie


map of alabamaAs part of my writer’s resources, I post lists of descriptions that have jogged my creativity and helped me write about this and that more cleverly. One of the most challenging jobs as a writer–IMHO–is representing  how people talk in the cultural nuances of their geographic area. I’m not talking about a native language–a Russian speaking Russian even though you type it in English for your reading audience. I’ve seen this done a variety of ways:

  • the native language followed by the English
  • a few lines in the native language and the rest in English
  • a continual smattering of the native language with the rest in English, using common phrases that many people would understand. For example, if they’re Russian, you might say goodbye with Dos Vdanya.

The reader quickly gets the idea the reader is that nationality.

What I’m referring to in this post is more like a character…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. This was a great contribution by a reader.

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