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Rock Star Nurse

May 11, 2016

I was a nurse for over 40 years before retiring. I loved nursing and my patients. I’d like to think I fit in the group of caring nurses. It surprised me how many men still saw nurses as “working girls.” None of them thought that my being married should interfere with their good time. I love Jonathan’s view and he’s spot on. ~ Connie


Whenever I get sick I turn into a three year old. Whining, tantrums, and self-pity all intermingle with my nose blowing, coughing, and aches. They say men are babies when they get sick. This is 100% true and I may take more advantage of the stereotype because my wife is a nurse.  Christina is a Psychiatric Nurse who enjoys working with mentally unstable patients; her desire to help the mentally ill may be why she found me so attractive. Christina is patient, caring, and simply a rock-star nurse. She is the type of nurse you would beg to have if you were sick in the hospital. There are a lot of mean nurses that really should change careers or retire; to get a truly compassionate and competent nurse is a blessing. Simply put, Christina is the Filipina version of Florence Nightingale. She has to treat people who many times don’t know…

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