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War Against Malaria

May 10, 2016

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During World War II the U.S Army faced difficult malaria control problems in America and in the battlefield. The malaria mosquito was more deadly than the enemy of the war. In order to prevent malaria and shorten the war, American G.I.’s had to keep fit and take Atabrine daily. The term G.I. referred to Government Issue or General Issue which involves the government drafting men in the 40’s and was widespread throughout the United States.

G.I’s had to follow steps to preventing and controlling malaria. Such as sleeping under a net, keeping it prepared, tucking it in and making sure there is no mosquito waiting for you inside the net. G.I’s also followed steps such as the G.I. bedtime story. The steps involved was keeping their shirts on and applying repellent everywhere.

GI Bedtime Story malaria

I think these propaganda posters for preventing malaria and shortening the war are really creative and effective!

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