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Visiting Sir Peter Jackson’s awesome Knights of the Sky exhibition

May 10, 2016

Matthew Wright

Last winter I finally visited Sir Peter Jackson’s amazing collection of First World War aircraft at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, near Blenheim. That’s not too far from my home city of Wellington, but Cook Strait makes easy commuting awkward, so the trip took a bit of planning.

Panorama of the main gallery - click to embiggen. Panorama of the main gallery.

The thing is – many air museums consist of a few prime displays supported by a horde of dusty and tatty aircraft (‘awaiting restoration’) sitting around in a large-ish hangar being ooh-ed and aah-ed at by people like me. But not this one. Well, yes, it’s a large-ish hangar. And yes, it has aircraft in it. But sitting around being dusty they are not.

The exhibition is called ‘Knights of the Sky’. And – well… woah! There is only one word for it. Cinematic. And I say that in the best possible way.

Some are…

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