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In My Mom’s Absence

May 4, 2016

This is delightful! I’m one of six children with only one brother. We learned to cook, sew, and clean. My mother’s favorite was the cleaning. I still hate to clean to this day. ~ Connie

{The Sea Calls Us Home}

Hello Readers,

Sorry it’s been so long, but in my defense, I have had a crazy week and a half and a ton of stuff going on, so has Sam. Remember that we are teenagers and that every once in a while life gets a bit busy. But we’re back now! And hopefully back to our regular posting schedule (which is sporadic in itself [actually, I don’t know if we have a regular posting schedule.]).

So, as two days ago was the first day of March, I am going to post some highlights from the month of February.

  • I got a week and two days ahead in school.
  • Made it to 15k (which is about… 58 pages) on A Sonata for the Changing Times.
  • I put together a bunch of awesome playlists to help me write.
  • I blogged fairly consistently. 
  • Mom left for a week (will blog about this more…

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