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Why do I love New York?

May 1, 2016

I’ve visited NYC a few times and it is a great city, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, so I’m rather partial to that town. 🙂



I’ve had the luck to travel. To see a little bit of this magnificent world we have. And it was amazing. I’ve learned more from travelling around the world than I did in all my years in school. I got to see how people live, how they work, how they think. I got to see places were history was made, where art was given life. I went from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to Buckingham Palac in London, to the Vatican in Rome. I got the chance to dance passo doble on the beach in Spain and I got to swim in the greek islands. I saw in my short lifetime more than others dream to see in their lifetime. But if there is one place that is above all others, I can say for sure that it is New York.

Someone once asked why I love New York. I…

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