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Make Your Protagonist Special

April 30, 2016

Welcome to another character-building insight as I continue to work away at Character-Building From the Inside Out.

My husband hosted an incubator of chicks in his classroom this past spring. Every day, the students faithfully checked on them. One epic day, they hatched!

Since the 4H gave him a mixture of eggs, most of the chicks were yellow, and a handful were black or greyish and speckled.

20160318_180652 Chicks chilling in a box while the brooder is cleaned.

When it came time for the students to take the chicks home, guess which ones a lot of them wanted?

Thatโ€™s right. The black or greyish speckled ones. Especially the chick that my husband had named Ngogo. By the way, this word means โ€˜fishโ€™ in Swahili. A chick named fish. I challenge you to write a story on that.

The reasons his students wanted those chicks were simple:

1.) Theโ€ฆ

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