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Big-time tricks for beating writers’ block

April 24, 2016

Matthew Wright

Wright_Typewriter2Writers’ block is an occupational hazard for writers. I’ve seen people claim there is no such thing – but actually there is. You sit down to write something – or to edit what you’ve written – and nothing happens. Blank. Here’s why – and how to get around it.

  1. Blank page syndrome 1

Possibly this is ‘classic’ block. You sit down with a blank screen or piece of paper and nothing happens. The reason why is that your thoughts are stuck in your framework – which isn’t just what you’re trying to write but also the environment you’re writing it in. So change it. Pick up your laptop and go somewhere else. Or leave it behind and go for a walk (not too long, maybe 10-15 minutes). Better still, go and do something around the house for the same period. Change your medium – switch from computer to pen and…

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  1. I find it happens when you try too hard. Don’t stare at the blank page – go walk, sit by a dock, sit on a bench, watch a sporting match – distract yourself and leave your subconscious to do the prep work.

    • I usually do get up and do something else after staring at the blank page for a short while. We discussed it at the Writer’s Guild meetings.
      I tried writing on a different book–nothing. I did things like you suggested while contemplating what I needed to write. I prayed about it, but I think God was laughing too hard to answer my pleas. Why that simple article sparked the desire to resume writing is beyond me.

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