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5 Awkward Questions to Ask Your Protagonist

April 23, 2016

Considering how new I am to writing, I’ve not gone to great depths to build a background to my characters. I cover some basic issues, mostly those that pertain to the story. My second novel seemed like the characters were nothing more than names on paper. I’m going to review my characters again for my 3rd novel and add a bit more to them. ~ Connie


I love asking questions. Awkward, weird, wonderful questions that get to the heart of people. It’s one of my favorite parts of getting to know someone. And while the following questions are perhaps a little too personal for general consumption, they are great for grilling protagonists (and other characters) and making them ‘fess up their guts. The thing to remember is that it’s not only what the character answers, but how they answer. A refusal to answer can be equally revealing. The trick is not letting the protagonist off the hook with a one or two word answer–hence, I’ve added bullet points after each question giving additional probes. Get ready to have some character fun!

1.) Would they wear the same clothes two days in a row? More than two days? Do they believe in the ‘smell test’ for clothing?

  • Can reveal their perspective on cleanliness
  • Can reveal their socioeconomic…

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