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Cover design and it’s importance – Guest post by author C.R. May

April 21, 2016

My first novel has a great cover. Hopefully, I can do as well with the next one. ~ Connie

David's Book Blurg

Today i bring to you a guest post from author C.R. May. Cliff will talk about covers and their importance . You may remember recently i posted a review of one of his books Fire & Steel. Covers are so important to me and play a big part in deciding what books i buy. Cliff i must say has some awesome covers which definitely catch the eye and draw a reader in.

I hope you find his take on covers as interesting as i have.

Without further ado..take it away Cliff.

This is a tale (cautionary if you are a new or aspiring author) about the very first thing which draws us to a book which is, of course, the cover.

As a first-time author I looked forward to the cover design part of the writing process; it must be easier than writing a novel, right? If only that…

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