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An Explosively Good Time

April 21, 2016

Peter makes some very good points. Safety should be the first thing on everyone’s mind. ~ Connie

Life Unscripted

I saw something the other day that scared me!  It might just be that I’m an old dog in a new world — I don’t know. Still and all, I observed something I don’t think I want to do, ever.  It’s all about what you store in the basement storage bays — and where.

Our inverter bay Our inverter bay

Some months ago we were looking at how to efficiently use our inverter bay and we made some changes to our storages options for that bay. If you notices we have an inverter in that bay, (the large white box) on the back wall of the bay are two disconnect switches (the white circles and arrows on red) and the two solar controllers to their right.

When we are parked our brake buddy lives there, a small storage tub with  Blue Ox towing supplies,  our power cord extender, and our stand-alone battery charger.  When…

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