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Night Sounds

April 12, 2016

I hadn’t thought about this and it is fascinating when you stop to think about it. When me moved from Pittsburgh to Georgia, I was surprised by how many stars you could see and how much brighter they were. My husband explained that difference was because we were now in the country and didn’t have city lights blocking the stars. I think I’ll use the sound difference you noticed for one of my characters. I don’t have a specific character in mind at the moment, but something will pop up.

Life Unscripted

For a guy who can fall asleep anywhere, one aspect of RV’ing that never ceases to amaze me is the different night sounds as we go from place to place in the U.S.  I’m a guy who lived most of his life in a city of a half million.   2010071318355501We lived for 35 years within 2 blocks of the Amtrak passenger line, and within a few short miles (as the crow flies) from the airport (off the flight path, but not completely away from the din of air traffic).  Our last 7 years were spent living within 3 blocks of a hospital — 2016040406470102with all the ambulance sirens that accompany hospital proximity.  And of course there were always police sirens…

Add to that the fact that neither of us are the sort to spend endless hours sitting outside.  We enjoy the outdoors.  But we’re usually doing  something when…

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