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Writing Contest: Your Favorite Fictional Couple

March 29, 2016

Sorry I’m so late getting this out, but there’s still plenty of time. I plan to work on my novel later today. I’ve decided to spend time with it everyday whether I feel like writing or not. ~ Connie

Andrew & Sarabeth

900Homer and Marge, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ross and Rachel, Shrek and Fiona…

These are all iconic fictional couples whom we are familiar with. We adore them, we love them. But what happens aftertheir “Happily ever after?” Do they stay in love? Do they have an unfortunate fallout? Does conflict disrupt their lives? Perhaps the threat of a third world war challenges their devotion to one another?

You tell us!

For a chance to win $200, writers are encouraged to pick any iconic fictional couple made frozen-2popular by a book, movie, or TV show and enlighten us on what happens after their “Happily ever after.”

Are you not a writer? No problem! We’re sure you know plenty of writers in your life, so please pass this contest along to them so they have a chance at winning $200. Who knows, they might even take you out to dinner…

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