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No Cheap Sex

March 24, 2016

I’ve seen the change from a girl saving herself for her marriage to treating sex like an indoor sport. It should not be used as a guide to marry whoever is best in bed. When the sex fails, and it will end at some point, what do you have left? My husband and I have 47 years together and we’re still in love. People have told us how sweet we look holding hands. I didn’t stop loving him when the sex stopped.

Chris Linzey

Husband and Wife Husband and Wife

It seems that there is a general disregard for the power of marriage in our culture. With the divorce rate near 60% couples have a greater chance of splitting than they do going the distance. It absolutely breaks my heart when I see couples split. Of course there are a couple of legitimate reasons for couples splitting, but it’s still heartbreaking. God didn’t design us to be in temporary relationships. We were created to be part of a deep covenant; connected to our spouses in relationships that go far beyond any other relationship. But we don’t talk that way much. Certainly Hollywood doesn’t teach us about committed and enduring relationships. There must be a better way of doing things. I think God has set us up for success if we would just pay attention to what he tells us and learn to live it.

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