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My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone

March 23, 2016

I’d like to think that most of us do pretty much like she does. Sometimes body language will tell me to be careful of a person. I’ve learned to heed those subtle changes. Please, don’t ask me to explain it; maybe it’s years of nursing with observing subtle changes or simply God giving me a heads up.


“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone” is a popular line of lyrics in Justin Bieber’s latest hit entitled Love Yourself.  My youngest son pointed out these lyrics to me recently as we were driving somewhere together.  I’m not sure if this was meant to be a compliment or criticism…

I do tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, try not to judge, and look for the best in people.  I think that is a good way to be though and find it very unattractive and demoralizing when someone is judgemental, excessively negative or critical.

As a mother of three boys, I confess to not liking all of their previous choices in girlfriends. In truth, I would not say I didn’t like them as individuals but didn’t like them for my son.  I  felt it best not to share my opinion at the time, preferring to…

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