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What is the Clampi trojan virus and how to protect your computer from it

March 21, 2016


Have you heard of the Clampi trojan virus?  While troubleshooting my wireless printer recently, I was told my computer was infected by a Clampi virus.  Of course I was alarmed, so did a bit of research.  This is the information I discovered and wish to share:

  • Clampi was first detected in 2008, also known as Ligatus and Ilomo virus.
  • Clampi gathers login information from compromised computers through social media platforms like Facebook and Skype to build a botnet, a peer to peer format.This means it spreads by network sharing from infected computers to any computers they have access to.
  • The botnet is used to install pay per install malware on compromised computers which generate revenue for the operators.
  • When the Clampi virus infects a computer, it sends out messages which direct compromised recipients to download a fake update of Adobe Flash player, through a third party website or infected computer.  If…

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