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Faith Filled Friday: Talk is Cheap

March 11, 2016

This article is from Chris Martin Writes blog. It’s hard to be the perfect little Christian 24/7. Yet that seems to be what people expect when they ask God into their hearts–they will become perfect and have no more temptations. I wish. Having Jesus in my heart doesn’t take away my problems. I’d like to think that most days, Jesus’ light shines through me. During those rough times, Jesus helps me to deal with my problems. I know I’m going to make mistakes, be tempted, and say the wrong things. It’s easy to look at a Christian who’s having a rough time and makes a misstep, and claim that you don’t want to be like her. You won’t find a ‘perfect me’ until I get to heaven. Please, enjoy Chris’ article. ~ Connie

Talk is cheap. Words are a dime a dozen.
You can say what you think all day long. Your life lived is the billboard onto which you paint what you truly believe for all the world to see. Like the saying goes…actions speak louder than words. That is so true.
As Christians, we’re pretty slick when it comes to words. Quoting Bible verses. Claiming every promise contained in the pages of Scripture. We take verses out of context and design denominations, rules, and doctrine. We use verses to minister. We use verses to abuse and hurt people.
You can memorize the Bible front to back, but if your life doesn’t manifest Christ, then all that knowledge is plain ole simple crap. The Pharisees thought their poop didn’t stink because they knew the Law. They walked in judgement and self-righteousness. Jesus destroyed their world with love.
He said a lot of things, but He didn’t need to. His actions changed the world.
We’re fine when life is going good. We go to church. We sing praise songs. We read our Bible every day. We even appear like good little Christians to those who don’t know us.
Then all hell breaks loose. We fall apart. Suddenly, those golden promises we plaster all over Facebook and Twitter don’t seem to be working very well. Life has punched us in the face, and we’re lying flat on our back.
We try to incorporate God into the situation, but we don’t see any results. We’re sinking in the ocean of trials, and our words are futile. We seek out counseling, medicine, prayer chains, and advice from people we view as “having it all together.” None of it works.
Why is it, when life decides to get ugly, we turn to everything and everyone but Jesus?
We expect God to blink a couple of times and rescue us from deteriorating circumstances. We live in doubt, worry, and complete fear, and then wonder why our prayers aren’t working.
It’s a faith issue. We’re so conditioned to operate in the world we see. When we don’t see something happen, we blame God, throw our hands in the air, and wander about in helplessness.
We’re a mess. We get angry, frustrated, confused, and hopeless. Those are characteristics of our enemy, not our King.
If you squeeze an orange, you will get orange juice. If you squeeze an apple, apple juice. It would be weird if anything else came out.
It should be just as weird if you squeeze a Christian and everything but Jesus comes out.
God created the universe, and everything in it, by merely speaking. Why do we think He can’t handle our problems? The world has heard our words. They’ve listened to our Bible verses. They know our doctrines and theology. They have felt the heat of our judgmental wrath.
They have heard us talk so much about a man named Jesus. A guy who supposedly died over two thousand years ago to save the world. They are sick of words. They want to see it in action. They want us to demonstrate the love we say we walk in.
When trials come, and they will, people see us react just like anyone else. Our witness has no credibility. It loses conviction. If we can’t handle someone hurting our feelings, how can we handle someone putting a gun to our head and demanding we deny Jesus?
We have no clue what persecution is here in this country. No clue whatsoever. When our cushy little worlds get rocked, how are we going to react?
Are we going to do what we normally do? Fall apart and wonder where God is? Or will we continue to move forward in faith?
It’s has to start now, though. Relationship. Less talk and a lot more action. Communion with God in the secret place will prepare us for anything life has to offer.
A solid foundation will not be moved when the rains and the storms bare their fury.
We say Jesus is all we need, but we dump Him the instant life starts speaking louder than truth. That’s not faith. That’s a weak, watered down version of religion.
If we can’t get over ourselves, get humble, and see others through the lens of our Father, then we need to get on our faces and repent.
Do we get it right all the time? Of course not. But, by God, you pick yourself up, tell your flesh to shut up, and keep moving forward in faith.
Life is too short to compare our hurt feelings and silly wants to what Jesus endured on the Cross. There is no comparison. It’s not even a comparable contest.
And if this shoe fits, kick it off. Jesus has one that is your size, and it looks just like Him.

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