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March 11, 2016

Those spiedies look delicious so I had to share this. ~ Connie

Embrace Serendipity

I have always loved closure.  Completion is the cat’s pajamas!  When we arrived in Florida I had a few things on my ‘hit list’; projects to accomplish during the winter; we’ve worked on them gradually over the past two months and now the list is empty! I feel completely different now.

Partly it’s about being dependent on other people.  Repairs need coordination with other people.  (Even before we went mobile there were certain things I never tried to fix by myself, but after downsizing for RV’ing I also lack tools to do some of the repairs I might have done otherwise.  You can’t drag around all the tools you might want in the limited storage space allowed in an RV.

Partly it’s about having things the way I want them.  I like things that work the way they are supposed to work.  I’ve done enough jury-rigging in my life — at…

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