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Describe Yourself In One Sentence

March 9, 2016

I’ll have to think of a description for me. I wanted to use quirky and Christian, but for some reason those two words in the same sentence just don’t seem right.

The Lonely Author


To start her Junior year, my daughter had to submit a five page introductory paper describing herself and her life. This past weekend I had a chance to read it.

On page two she had three thick paragraphs, nearly the entire page describing her combative relationship with her mother.

I anxiously rushed to page three imagining I would warrant an entire page. This is what she wrote.

“My father is a strong passionate man with nine herniated disks, but he doesn’t care, he laughs his pains away – actually he laughs all his troubles away.”

That was it. One measly freaking line.

The contrasting descriptions made me think of how descriptions have changed in literature.

Miguel de Cervantes, Victor Hugo, and Jane Austen wrote pages of description. In one of my favorite novels, The Godfather, Mario Puzo used quite bit of description.

In today’s novels, description is kept to a…

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