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The method behind the madness

March 7, 2016

Patricia Johns


I thought I’d give you a little peek into what it’s like being a full time writer… I do have some method to my madness.

  1. There is a lot of planning.
    I need to know when my contracted manuscripts are due, but I also need to know when I have down time to work on other things besides first drafts. I keep a constant list of dates on my desktop of various deadlines.
  2. Use the time when you have it!
    Basically, I don’t put things off until later, because later I might get the flu. I can’t shuffle my work off onto anyone else’s desk, so if I have some “free” time, I’d better get a head start on the next job.
  3. Work on proposals for new book contracts well ahead of time.
    That way, when I’ve submitted the last manuscript and I’m mentally drained, I don’t have to…

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