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Birth Story Pt. 3: All Dilated and Nowhere to Go

March 7, 2016

In spite of the fact it’s been over 30 years since my last labor, the ordeal is not easily forgotten. It’s been fun to follow Rachel’s adventure (I’m sure she did not consider it fun or an adventure!). I loved having an epidural. It made labor so much more tolerable.

Do I Look Sick?

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While we were driving, I fielded the idea of going to a hospital again. Which means I randomly yelled “Hospital?!” and “Medicine?!” a few times in between contractions.

We were in a really awkward position actually. Our birth center was a 45 minute drive (maybe 25 if we seriously endangered ourselves). And remember that I don’t know I’m in transition – I believe the worst is yet to come. Under this assumption, along with the influence of having not slept at all in over 24 hours (happy new year!), I have lost any confidence in my ability to have this baby without pain medication.

There’s a hospital nearby, but we already know what we’ll get there: pitocin, episiotomy, and no say in anything that happens. I’m willing to surrender my rights and preferences, however, because I have just crashed through…

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  1. Haha fun? No. But adventure? ….eeehhhhhhh I could give it that

    • While I was going through labor I didn’t consider it fun either. I guess I should have used a better word.

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