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47 Ways to Describe Buildings–Homes II

March 7, 2016

This is Part 2. Now all I have to do is find where I filed part 1 so I can put them together! ~ Connie


For the next few months, weekly writing tips will include word choice suggestions. That includes:

  • colorful and original descriptions
  • pithy words and phrases
  • picture nouns and action verbs
  • writing that draws a reader in and addicts them to your voice

I keep a  collection of descriptions that have pulled me into the books. I’m fascinated how authors can–in just a few words–put me in the middle of their story and make me want to stay there. This one’s on how to describe Homes II.

A note: These are for inspiration only. They can’t be copied because they’ve been pulled directly from an author’s copyrighted manuscript (intellectual property is immediately copyrighted when published).

home insideInside

  • No heat? There is heat but it’s unavailable.
  • Functional interior with no personality whatsoever—brown shag carpet that smelled of old automobile interiors, stained photographs in cheap plastic frames, Mediterranean-style lamps and furniture with excessive scrolls.  A ski resort…

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