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March 5, 2016

Annika Perry


I am delighted to have the chance to feature another one of Thalia Gust’s poems. Enjoy the walk with her. 

     Gracious Lady                               

     I met a gracious lady, she smiled, light lit her eyes,

     I dropped a pretty curtsy, to the wise woman.

     A curtsy learnt from childhood, showing honour and respect.

     Do we really honour those older and wiser, fully enough?

     The Lady spoke to me, we shared

     experiences of life.

     We shared  joys, pains and love.

     Her road was a gilded one but her heart had bled.

     I know my mother would love this lady, enough said.


     Walking among the roses, we talked 

     about our children with…

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  1. Many thanks for the reblog! 😀

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