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Funny spam groupies on your WordPress blog

March 4, 2016

I’ll have to check out my spam folder. I didn’t know it was saved. The last weird thing I got was a lengthy paragraph in total caps in a language I wasn’t familiar with. It reminded me of a page typed by a monkey. (So you don’t have to ask–I only know a handful of languages, so no, I don’t know every language.) ~ Connie

Impractical Dreamer

My finger pauses on the delete button before I empty out the spam folder. Some comments are way too entertaining to flush down the drain.

I can roughly slot them as below –

A]  Breathless admirer – This spammer pours every existing superlative adjective on you. You are the next best writer to Lee/ Christie/ Dostoevsky/ Chekov et al. Your every post gives him a literary orgasm, detonates a delightful bomb within his mind (or wherever he likes it detonated).

Of course, it could also be a She.    secret-admirer

B] Good Samaritan – A mixture of protective brother/Mom and future best friend

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