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Birth Story Pt. 2: What #!%?ing Stage is This?!

March 4, 2016

My second labor was really fast. I had 2 hard pains shortly after getting up about an hour apart. The next pain hit, but was more a big ache. It never stopped, but never got any worse. I made several phone calls to get my husband and finally had to call my in-laws. My father-in-law was a nervous wreck. My two-year-old stayed in the back seat with me to help me. I arrived at the hospital and they wanted me to take care of all the paperwork. I signed a couple and finally told them I needed to get to L&D. My in-laws stayed to finish the paperwork and I was wheeled to Labor. The nurse there asked me how far apart my pains were and was not happy with my answer of ‘one big ache.’ She put me in a labor room and looked. She yells, “She’s crowning!”, and rushes me back to a delivery room. I had the baby before my in-laws got upstairs. I was told my father-in-law nearly fainted.

Do I Look Sick?

You can find Part 1 here.

With contractions four minutes apart and impossible to ignore, we hurried out to our car and started dialing for the midwife.

The night before last, we’d called her in the middle of the night as well, but I didn’t feel bad doing it again because this was the real deal. The first time we called, contractions were 6 minutes apart and I was still able to chat about them cheerily on the phone. Now they were four minutes and terrible, and I was going to make sure I sounded as terrible as I felt. I have spent a lot of my life living with chronic pain and perfecting the art of not sounding how I feel, so this was a little tricky.

I did my best, but she said exactly the same thing she’d said two nights ago: take some Tylenol PM and go…

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  1. That’s such an amazing story! GAH labor is frustrating! And while we’re on the subject, so is paperwork! Gimmie a break doc!

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