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A Five Year Old, Computers And Me

February 29, 2016

Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did.

The Off Key Of Life

As many of you know, I’m a substitute teacher in our local school district. Today I was subbing for the computer teacher in one of the  elementary  schools and while the morning went well, my afternoon was comprised of three kindergarten classes. Yeah, everything you’re visualizing is about what happened. Me, twenty-two five year olds for each period, thirty computers and lots of untapped energy.

Anyway, as the middle afternoon class was walking in, I had this brief conversation with a little five year old girl who must have been born with attitude running through her veins.

KG: (Looking way up at me) You look like my grandfather

Me: (Looking way down and smiling) Then your grandfather must be very handsome

KG: (Shaking her head) He has a big beard.

Me: (Shrugging my shoulders) Then I guess I don’t look like your grandfather.

KG: (Looking at me defiantly) He has…

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