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The Writer’s Life According To Minions

February 24, 2016

You Write Fiction

This is turning into a series, I guess. Oh well. Here we go! The writer’s life as told in gifs by the minions from Despicable Me!

If you haven’t already, go check out part one of “The Writer’s Life According To…” (Jack Sparrow) and part two (Sheldon Cooper)!

(Note: none of these gifs belong to me. All gifs found on 

7 When a brilliant idea hits you in public…

5 …but your editor has other ideas.

8 Trying to prove your prose meets a higher standard.

6 Following a ‘marketer’ on social media.

9 When all your plot points finally click together.

10 Getting that long-awaited email from an agent/publisher.

3 Meeting deadlines…?

1 This character needs some conflict…

2.gif How you picture your first book signing.

11.gif When people interrupt you to chat.

Keep calm and write on, friends!

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