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Water World – With Bats, Pythons and Crocodiles: Top End meandering

February 19, 2016

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Adventures in Wonderland


20-21 April 2015. It is time to stop. Driving south from Kakadu National Park we have reached the small town of Pine Creek and it’s time to stop for a break and a cup of coffee. Getting out of the car we immediately hear it: a continuous kind of screeching squealing noise. What is that? A fleeting thought that it’s birds is quickly dismissed. Following the noise across the road to a small park we look up into one of the trees and our jaws drop. The tree is jam-packed with bats! Hundreds of them. And the tree next to it, and the one next to that. Hundreds of squealing fruit bats, or flying foxes, as they are more accurately known. We watch them for a while, captivated.

I’d forgotten about the bats, and the noise they make. I’d seen them a few years earlier, trees full of them, in…

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