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The Birth of Something Amazing

February 14, 2016

Andrew & Sarabeth

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February 3rd. This is a good day for so many reasons.

One being that today is Pixar’s 30th anniversary!! 

My partners at my publishing studio, Endever, decided last week on our first book production!

It’s going to be the YA novel I recently wrote about a girl who falls in love with a boy after he dies.

The decision was almost nerve-wracking as Endever Publishing Studios is not genre-specific – we’re story specific. (We don’t want people to assume we’re a YA publisher.)

So I gave my partners (also acting as editors, story developers, publishers, and so much more) the first chapter and they gave me the greatest compliment a writer should ask for:

They said, “I’m not feeling it. The main character’s whiney. And I don’t get her parents at all.” In essence, everyone was shallow and one-dimensional.

I’m actually not saying this is a compliment to be sarcastic. I…

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