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Writers: Are You Rushing?

February 9, 2016

The only rushing I do is to get an article ready for The Greenwood Magazine. My novel writing is super slow. I’m certain when Cindy returns my edited manuscript, I’ll be kicking myself that I don’t have the next one ready for her.

Andrew & Sarabeth


I want to thank Joey B. for raising this issue in one of my previous posts about what to do with an idea for a story. His website is InStagnation. So, thanks Joey!

His comment was:

I’ve been trying to make stories out of ideas throughout the years and somehow I can’t finish because I’m trying to rush everything.

I want to be the wise sage and offer pearls of wisdom about slowing down and taking time to sniff the ink pen along the way and blah, blah, blah…

But I can’t. I can’t because I too rush like Chris Hemsworth. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing?

Or is it just stupid?

My wife is always telling me my greatest downfall is rushing my writing. And she’s right. I miss plot holes, grammatical errors, I number the pages wrong, and on and on.


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