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The Plain Janes

February 9, 2016

Patricia Johns

Lately, I’ve been reading romance novels that feature Plain Janes. You know the type of heroine–she isn’t much of a beauty, and she doesn’t pretend to be. And while I understand why the Plain Janes have become popular, because we don’t all walk around looking like runway models, I do have some misgivings.

Woman's_Face_by_Fujishima_TakejiThe last book I read, the heroine had a very good looking family, and she was the Plain Jane. She didn’t feel beautiful, but she was happy with herself. Even the hero didn’t find her beautiful. Over time, he started to see more beauty in her, but for more than half the book he couldn’t figure out why he was even attracted to her. It was a great read, and I really enjoyed the book, but the heroine’s Plain Jane status didn’t sit right with  me.

Now, I do understand the draw of the Plain Jane. She…

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