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It’s just mind ‘bogling’, really.

January 27, 2016

Hah! Cute. It’s amazing how many English words are so similar.

Matthew Wright

I spotted some click-bait the other day promising ‘mind bogling’ content.

Not so much a pier as a pi! ‘Where’s the rest of the pier? It’s been bogled!’

I think they meant ‘boggling’, and I have to say that if they ARE going to troll for views, they could at least proof their own typing.

But then I decided it might be intentional, which got me wondering about what ‘bogling’ might possibly mean. It looks like Brit public school slang of the kind the RAF were so good at appropriating. Probably more verb than noun or adjective. You know: ‘I say, Carstairs, remember the time we were bogling around on the Wankie game reserve when I saw this bally tiger?’, or ‘Bigglesworth! I think Jerry’s just dropped in for a quick bogle.’

Bogle seemed such a good word of itself that eventually I decided to try my luck with the OED. You never know. And there it was…

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