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God’s Big 10: Let’s Talk About Sex

January 12, 2016

Nowadays, it seems sex is more a sport or a fun activity to do on a date. If you can’t enjoy your date with conversation or other activities, why use sex? If the sex is good, is that the guy you should marry? Intercourse is the sharing of love between a husband a wife. Do you stop loving your spouse because the sex stopped? You can can good sex without being in love with your spouse, but when you’re in love the sex is always fantastic.

Chris Linzey

pair-97059_1920Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me….aaaaand that’s enough of quoting that song. Seriously, though, our culture is obsessed with sex. Many people seem to have an attitude that anything goes as long as you are not physically hurting someone else. After all, who are we to tell others how to live?

I don’t think God is too concerned about hurting feelings. He’s not giving us 10 suggestions. That’s more of Dr. Phil’s lane. God’s giving us the commandments that are to be foundational for our lives, and that includes human sexuality. So we get to the 7th commandment:

You shall not commit adultery.

One line!

It’s just one sentence. I wish it were that simple. I wish we could say, “Here’s the word for today. Be on your way.” It SEEMS self-explanatory. We can open the Bible, read the sentence, and say, “Huh! I…

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