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Three more top tips for beating writers’ block

January 7, 2016

Matthew Wright

Some writers claim there’s no such thing as ‘writers block’. I think there is, though. It happens when you’re confronted with a blank page and the words don’t come.

Essential writing fuel! Essential writing fuel!

Sometimes, if a deadline looms – or NaNoWriMo calls – you have to just slug ahead. Here are a few of the quick ways I use to unstick:

  1. Are you stuck on the first sentence? Start with the second, or third. Write from there and then back-fill. That’s what word processors are for.
  2. Still stuck? Check the time, leave your writing desk or whatever, and go do something else for five minutes and DON’T think of the writing problem. Just five. Not long enough to get out of the ‘zone’, but long enough to subconsciously switch gears. Do NOT do ‘something else’ on your computer, like social media or that half-finished Kerbal Space Program scenario. The trick here…

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