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The Soap War of 1939

January 2, 2016

I remember by the time I reached my teens and wanted to use a deodorant, we had a bottle of liquid that you dabbed on with a cotton ball. Roll-on appeared and it was so much nicer to use.

The War Time Woman

In 1939 soap was essential for cleanliness – plain bars of soap, there were no body washes or pump soaps. Deodorant was fairly new and not everyone used or approved of it, so soap had to combat body odour, or try to. The advertising was intense as companies fought for consumer loyalty – these ads are all from the Australian Women’s Weekly in December 1939.

vintage 1930s rexona ad

vintage 1930s soap adLux paid big money and used movie stars in their ads-

If only consumers had a crystal ball they probably would have stocked up on as much soap as possible, as it became almost impossible to get during the war.

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