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Finding the Wishing Well-Short Story

December 22, 2015

I loved this story and hope you will too.

To Save a Voice

Finding the Wishing Well

“Ryan! Not to close or you’re going to fall in,” his mother’s panicked voice filled the air and he cocked his head to the side and closed his eyes, opening his mouth to retrace the next words, “don’t worry mom, it’s a wishing well. It’s supposed to protect me.”

The well in front of him was bubbling clear. The pebbles of past wishes peacefully under-water, old desires forgotten or fulfilled.

He opened his eyes and looked back over his shoulder at the bench with a smooth granite surface and could see his mom resting there, watching him with anxious eyes.

“Still darling, wouldn’t want to chance on it would we?”

“We should chance on it every second we get mom. Maybe one day it’ll actually happen,” Ryan whispered, flipping the small black stone in his hand.

The bench became dirtier as his mom vanished, taking the…

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