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Mangoes and dragonfruit

December 16, 2015

I might try eating these now that I know something about them.


Dave, an employee in the produce department at my local Sobey’s grocery store, supplied the inspiration for this blog post.  I knew that mangoes and dragonfruit are not grown here in Canada due to our weather conditions. I also know these two exotic fruits are delicious, but that was about the extent of my knowledge of them.

Mangoes are imported from Brazil, at least the ones at the Sobey’s in Kanata are.  Most mangoes are picked and transported before they are ripe, then allowed to ripen in the store or in your home. Dave told me that Palmer mangoes however, are picked when they are ripe and then transported quickly to keep them at their peak.  This difference in harvesting makes the Palmer variety of mango sweeter without the characteristic sharpness of other mangoes.  Palmer mangoes also have a pale yellow flesh instead of the typical orange. Palmer mangoes are…

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  1. Flood of memories! My paternal grandmother was crazy about mangoes and papayas. When no one I knew had even heard of them (I was like 8 Yrs old) she had them in the house every day.
    Thanks for the walk down a very personal memory lane.

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