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Why are all ISP’s total rubbish at customer service?

December 14, 2015

I think too many companies rely on IT for handling issues that would have been easier and cheaper to handle with a person.

Matthew Wright

One of New Zealand’s biggest internet service providers had an outage the other day. Big-time. Their answer? They posted a message on their website.

Artwork by Plognark Creative Commons license Artwork by Plognark Creative Commons license

You know – the internet’s broken, so to tell people they put a notice on the internet.

My own dealings with that company were so bad – so execrably awful – that I won’t ever deal with them again, not ever – not even after the universe has expired of heat death. When the ISP I was using was taken over by that company, I found another ISP. Fast.

The company concerned was the second most complained about company in New Zealand this year.

But I wonder. Customers judge companies by the front-end experience. Throwing robots and overseas call-centres into a mix of endless wait times, to me, says these companies consider their life-blood – the customer – as an…

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