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Follow your heart, but only if your head agrees.

December 14, 2015


This  is the first poem I have written in ages, probably since high school.  It was inspired by singers Adele (Hello) and Shawn Mendes (Stitches) as well as a few people in my life…

I can forgive

but I cannot forget

while the heart allows you to forgive,

 the head allows you to forget

my heart says I love him

my head says he doesn’t love me

my heart says make him stay

my head says let him go

my heart thinks I cannot live without him

my head knows he can live without me

my heart says I need him

my head knows I don’t

While it is wonderful to think and feel with your heart, your brain knows when someone is not right for you.  For those of you with a broken heart due to the end of a long term relationship, let your brain lead the way…

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