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Are You An Identity Thief?

December 2, 2015

Ministry Sauce

Are YouAn IdentityThiefPolicies. Procedures. Regulations. These words define the generic protocol for nearly every occupation that exists. In the medical realm, many of these policies involve taking extra precautions to protect the information of patients. The impetus behind these actions is a desire for privacy.

The financial industry has similar steps to protect information. My day job, as some of you know, involves working for a bank. This industry has developed many layers of verification to protect the identity of people who do business with each institution. Some find the process to be a drudgery, but our goal (like any other bank) is to provide beneficial products while simultaneously guarding the assets of any particular customers willing to invest.

There are people out there, however that spend most of their time attempting to defraud banks and steal that which was hard earned. In their mind, their goal is to convince the institution…

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