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The Big 10: Genie in a Bottle

November 14, 2015

I thought this would make a helpful Faith Filled Friday blog. I’m often at fault with talking to God only when I’m having trouble, expecting Him to fix everything fast.

Chris Linzey

I’m not terribly good at it, but I love doing magic tricks.magician I love seeing kids’ eyes get big when you do something that utterly amazes them. All over the world, people are fascinated with magic and magicians. From Harry Houdini to Criss Angel, we desire to see them do the impossible.

Why do we love magic so much? Magic brings with it the idea of power and control. Somebody able to do something that nobody else can do. There’s something about magic that delights us because we like seeing people do something that nobody else can do.

The 2nd commandment is about finding that mystical power that controls the universe – that controls our lives. You see-real magic is about power. It’s about controlling the world. It’s about becoming a god. I mean people who really dabble in magic. It’s about controlling the universe.

God starts off by saying…

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